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About PES

Welcome to Pegram Elementary School, home of the Blue Jays!

PES is a high-achieving school with a faculty that is committed to our students and community serving Pre-K through fourth grade.

We strive for excellence in academics. We are honored to be a Level 5 school and to be a “Reward School.”  These are our top honors in academics.


We also strive to meet the needs of our students socially, emotionally, and to create leaders within our school.  Students are given the opportunity to be successful in all areas of their lives and are supported in this. 


PES provides experiences and events for our students to take part in throughout the school year. These include the running club, chorus, a student fun run event, fall festivals, talent shows, student leadership, STEM activities/nights, and many other activities and events.


PES has received a STEM grant for integration of hands on project-based learning focused in science, technology, engineering, and math. 


PES is also a proud recipient of an arts grant through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee & the Tennessee Arts Commission. The grant provides funds each year to allow PES to have an artist teach our students different mediums and create art projects and experiences for our students. We believe that the arts enrich our students lives socially and emotionally and improves their academic achievement!


We welcome our families and community to partner with us in educating our students and are committed to you.


PES has a wonderful group of parents in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) that is committed to our school. We believe that we are all a team working together for our students in all areas of their lives!