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School Counselor

I am Michelle Buckingham, the school counselor for Pegram Elementary Fine Arts Magnet School. As the counselor, I am here as part of a team working with parents, school staff, and community resources to help make school a caring and supportive environment for our children. I work to help students overcome barriers to their progress in their academic, social, and emotional growth by providing prevention and intervention services. 
Counseling Services
I provide a non-judgmental, confidential counseling atmosphere for the student. If the student’s needs are beyond my scope of training and expertise, or require a more long-term approach, I will be happy to provide a list of private professional counselors.


Individual counseling is available as needed on a short-term basis. This may include issues related to, but not limited to:

·         School adjustment

·         Coping with difficult personal and family problems, such as divorce

·         Peer relations

·         Developing a positive self concept

·         Decision-making and goal setting

·         Working with students on making changes in their behavior

·         Academic and work habits problems

·         Drug and alcohol concerns in the family

·         Grief due to the death of a friend, family member, or pet

·         Helping you develop strategies that support your child’s education.

·         Providing information to help you better understand child development.

·         Connecting you with appropriate professional services outside of school.


Please feel free to contact me at any time to make an appointment to discuss your concerns. 
(615) 646-6637