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Pegram Elementary School has a long history of exploring the arts. In fact, the school has received an annual grant from The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee since 2003 to incorporate art into the classroom. Here’s a look at the projects through the years:

2003/2004: Fabulous Fine Arts
2004/2005: Color Fiesta
2005/2006: A Blast to the Past
2006/2007: Plunge Into the Arts
2007/2008: Cast Away
2008/2009: Melodies and Memories
2009/2010: A“maze”ing Mural Mania
2010/2011: Green Thumb & Puppetpalooza
2011/2012: Wild & Wooly
2015/2016: Local Native People History & Clay Works
2017/2018: Kites, Lanterns, Self Portraits & Color Theory
2018/2019: Art Expressed through Patterns in Nature
All faculty will be involved in specializing in an area of interest. This class will be approximately once a week for nine weeks.
Students will be able to choose areas of interest. Our faculty is interested in possibly teaching the following Fine Arts:
String Art
Theater, musical and One-Act.
Guitar and/or ukulele club
Crafts: general crafts like paper mache, beaded bracelets, etc.
Wood Working
“Step club” to incorporate dance and students would also be able to create their own step routines.
Reader's Theatre

Pegram Elementary will be partnering with Tennessee Performing Arts Center to help implement units into each classroom. Students will be going on multiple field trips to see plays at TPAC. Our faculty and staff are all super excited about these opportunities to better implement fine arts into our school!